Mastubator: The Bestsellers

Which mastubator is bought the most??

Unfortunately, our team does not have enough time and resources to thoroughly test all mastubator models available on the market..

Since we do not want to withhold all other good devices from you either, we have done extensive research and can now proudly present you an overview of mastubator bestsellers with the best reviews.

In this table you will find an article picture for each product and of course the current price. In addition, we have added a small product description so that you know exactly what to expect..

If the Mastubator is available at Amazon, you will also see the current Amazon price and the corresponding user ratings in the table..

You can also find out the size of the device here and we will answer the following questions, among others:

  • Does the device have a vibration function or another type of stimulation??
  • How many programs does the Toy have??
  • How loud is it in operation??
  • What material is the device made of??
  • Is it waterproof and easy to clean??
  • What is the overall product quality like??
  • Which mastubator is right for me??
  • Are Fleshlights really the best?

Finally, we will give you a grade and an overall rating for the presented product..

Of course you come from here also directly to the appropriate Onlineshop, in order to buy the best Mastubator immediately.

mastubator Bestseller

A good mastubator provides feelings of happiness that are in no way inferior to those of sex with a real woman..

Please remember to clean the mastubator properly before, but also after use. Usually just running, warm water is sufficient for this. I wouldn’t use a special Toycleaner every time, but at most after every fourth or fifth use; or for twisty places that you can’t reach easily. And possibly even before the first use to remove any production residues completely..

But you should pay enough attention to the cleaning, because otherwise bacteria could collect in your toy (e.g. due to remnants of lubricant or ejaculate), which could harm your health..

Before you pack your mastubator away as protected and dust-free as possible, it should be completely dried. To avoid linting, I would let it dry in the air; depending on the season, this can take a few hours. Please do not accelerate this process by using a hairdryer or placing the toy on the heater, as it could otherwise be damaged..

Important for the decision for your new toy is also to know what you want to use it for: Will you use it purely for your masturbation or involve it in the love play with your partner??

Why a Mastubator Bestseller List?

Due to the very high number of customers at Amazon, you usually get a good orientation through the best-selling products. So these devices are popular and usually sell very well for a long time.. This is usually a good indication of high customer satisfaction..

But it is very important that you know for yourself what exactly you want.!

But you should also read through the customer reviews. Especially in the case of bad ratings, there are sometimes subjective reasons that do not bother other buyers. They do not always believe everything blindly. Some ratings are simply wrong and some are faked. Even though Amazon has recently started to take rigorous action…

Low-cost mastubators for beginners.

We have highlighted our recommendation in colour in the table. With this device you can do little wrong..

Lumunu Deluxe Teen Cyber Skin Lumunu Deluxe Oral Masturbator You 2Toys Oxana Pussy & Ace Fleshlight Pink Lady Vortex Tenga Eggs 6-pack
price - Leistung strapon Duo - Top-Kundenbewertung
mastubator Bestseller: Den Deluxe Teenie Cyberskin Mastubator bestellen!  Mastubator Bestseller: Den Deluxe Oral Masturbator bestellen! mastubator Bestseller: Oxana Pussy & Ass bestellen!  Mastubator Bestseller: Die Fleshlight Pink Lady Vortex bestellen! mastubator Bestseller: Das Tenga Eggs 6er-Pack bestellen!
Amazon rating: deluxe TEENIE cyberskin Masturbator mit real Pussy- Lustnoppen von 5 Sternen
605 votes
deluxe Masturbartor Set für Männer, Oral- Pussy Sucker aus Silikon mit 30 Vibrationen von 5 Sternen
189 votes
You2Toys Masturbator Oxana Pussy and Ass von 5 Sternen
195 votes
fleshlight Pink Lady (Vortex -Textur) von 5 Sternen
189 votes
tenga Egg Einweg-Masturbationseier Mix-Box, 6 Stück von 5 Sternen
151 votes
current Amazon price: 19,99 € 39,99 € 30,49 € 42,68 € 28,02 €


Description of the Description of the Description of the Description of the Description of the
Material: Cyberskin (TPR) medical silicone + ABS Cyberskin (TPR) Superskin + ABS elastomer
Size: medium medium large-scale medium petite
Emotionally real:
easy cleaning:
Quality: well well well well well
Overall score: well satisfactorily well well satisfactorily
shop link

Price subject to change.

Deluxe Cyberskin Teen Mastubator


Deluxe Teen Masturbator (Cyberskin)

The Deluxe Cyberskin Teen Mastubator is a classic “Lustmuschi” made of skin-like Cyberskin material (TPR).. Because of its favourable price the Toy is very well suitable for beginners..

The well processed Sextoy is free from plasticizers (not self-evident in this price range), in the very narrow channel inside (teen replica) equipped with studs and in total very soft and cuddly.

The material TPR is known for its ductility, which makes the Toy for all penis sizes makes interesting.

In my opinion it takes some getting used to optically, but at this price you shouldn’t expect too much. The toy weighs approx. 360 g and is 13 cm long. If you are very well equipped, your best piece will certainly not disappear in this mastubator. But it shouldn’t bother you any more.

What I like best: This sex toy for men can be easily “turned upside down” and is therefore easy to clean with a little water & soap and comes (as usual from the German manufacturer ‘Lumunu’) with a lubricant sample and a velvet storage bag..

Deluxe Oral Mastubator

mastubator Lumunu Deluxe Oral_rot

Lumunu Deluxe Oral Mastubator

The Lumunu ‘Deluxe Oral’ Mastubator has been included in the table because it is praised by the majority of Amazon customers. But I don’t share this opinion 100%..

This device is an quite cheap sex toy with suction cup holder, into which you can introduce more than just the tip of your limb; at least theoretically.

Unfortunately, the channel is quite hard, narrow & not stretchable, there are too many superfluous (loud) vibration programs (30 pcs.) and cleaning is not very comfortable. On the positive side, it can be used one-handed or even freehand as a variant WITH an adjustable holder and it is absolutely affordable..

It has a total length of approx. 22 cm and a weight of approx. 370 g. The diameter of the opening is 5.3 cm, but narrows considerably towards the back..

The vibration motor, which is driven by 4 AA batteries supplied, has sufficient power.

This sex toy from Lumunu also comes with a lubricant sample and a stylish storage bag..

Therefore it is well suited for entering the world of mastubators., but will probably not make you happy in the long run, but the spirits seem to split. At least the Amazon ratings are very far apart..

The cleaning is unfortunately not well solved, because you can hardly get through to the back and thus lubricant and ejaculate residues can remain in the toy (danger of bacteria).

Oxana Pussy & Ass by You2Toys (Orion)

mastubator Bestseller: Oxana Pussy & Ass

Oxana Pussy & Ace

Oxana Pussy & Ass is the only mastubator in our table, which comes across as reasonably “realistic. For just over 30€ you can get a torso replica made of the skin-like Cyberskin (TPR). This mastubator is a product of You2Toys, the in-house brand of the well-known online shop Orion..

The part is approx. 25 cm wide, 21 cm long, 9 cm high and weighs a mere 2 kg. The high weight also makes freehand use possible as long as you allow it to go a little gentler & slower..

There is not only a vaginal opening, but for the ass-fixed among us also an anal entrance.. Both are thanks to the flexible material very stretchable, so that your penis should slide in regardless of its size without any problems. Both inputs lead into the same channel, which, by the way, gets by without any pimples or the like; the anuse input is only a little narrower..

Of course this toy is also far away from the “original”, but much closer than some fleshlights or other “futuristic” mastubators..

Please remember, this kind of toys are always only to be used with water-based lubricants, otherwise the material could become brittle.

Somewhat stupid: The back of the Toys is not closed, so that it can happen that liquids (you know what I mean) could run out in the back. So always something inferior.

This in turn makes cleaning much easier overall..

Don’t be scared.The material is a little cold at the beginning and powdered at the factory, but it is easy to wash off..

Fleshlight Pink Lady Vortex

mastubator Bestseller: Fleshlight Pink Lady Vortex

Fleshlight Pink Lady Vortex

Fleshlights (also known as “Truckermuschis”) are some of the best known mastubators on the market.. The nice thing about them is that they are housed in a torch style housing, which makes the whole thing a little inconspicuous, unless you’re from the trade…

These “torches” are available in many different designs: From mouth, vagina & anus openings to the “Alien design” is almost everything included.

This is the representative “Pink Lady Vortex”. For 36€ you get a Fleshlight with a total length of about 25 cm, a diameter of 6.5 to 10 cm and a channel diameter of 0.5 – 2 cm..

The canal is provided with many grooves and four pleasure chambers, which should intensify the stimulation somewhat. The structural form is called “vortex”; hence the product name.

The pink interior is very soft and cuddly thanks to the Superskin material., has your penis firmly under control, but is also quite stretchy, so that many different penis sizes are covered.

On the back there is a small “valve”, an opening that should always be closed in order to create negative pressure (suction) and thus make the stimulation even more pleasant..

This product should also be sprinkled with powder again and again in order to guarantee its longevity. The cleaning process is somewhat more complex, but easy to manage..

A clear purchase recommendation from our side.

Tenga Egg 6er Pack

tenga Egg Mastubator-Set

Tenga Egg 6-pack

I think almost everyone has seen the Tenga Eggs before. You certainly have, right??

In principle this is a very simple toy with a simple functionality. Unfortunately it is a disposable product, because each egg is used only once. Nevertheless I find the idea and the product as such totally cute..

The eggs are of course also available individually.. But since the fun would be over quickly, we introduce you here the 6er Pack.

What’s really great is that these things are so small that they can be taken anywhere..

The functional principle is simple: you open the egg a little bit like a child’s surprise egg… just put the packaging into the garbage and the inner toy over your limb… then simply masturbate as you’re used to. Apply some lubricant first. Whether water-based or not, it’s a snuff first, because the thing will end up in the barrel anyway..

Theoretically the eggs could be used several times with good cleaning and care..

This mastubator is soooo stretchable in use that it is compatible with almost any penis size..

In itself the idea is great, but I think it’s a shame that it’s a disposable product. It creates unnecessary waste and is a bit too expensive, I think..

In this pack of 6, each egg differs in its internal canal structure, but does not change a lot with regard to stimulation..

You can have it… but you don’t have to..

Mastubators for advanced users.

Our recommendation is highlighted in colour in the table. With this mastubator you can do little wrong..

Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2 Autoblow 2 Tenga Flip Hole BigTeaze Toys Spanking Fleshlight Christy Mack
mastubator Bestseller: Den Cobra Libre 2 bestellen!  Mastubatoren Vergleich: Den Autoblow 2 bestellen! mastubator Bestseller: Tenga Fliphole bestellen!  Mastubator Bestseller: Big Teaze Toys Verspanken bestellen! mastubator Bestseller: Fleshlight Christy Mack bestellen!
strapon Duo - Top-Kundenbewertung price - Leistung
current Amazon price: 129,90 € 100,80 € 43,99 € 20,80 €
Amazon rating: fun Factory COBRA LIBRE V2 Akku, schwarz/schwarz von 5 Sternen
28 votes
autoblow 2 Masturbator & Sleeve B von 5 Sternen
18 votes
tenga Flip Hole wiederverwendbarer Masturbator, schwarz, 15 cm von 5 Sternen
109 votes
big Teaze Toys VerSpanken genoppter Masturbator mit einstellbarer Druck-Funktion von 5 Sternen
16 votes
fleshlight Girls Christy Mack Lotus, 1 Stück von 5 Sternen
14 votes


Description of the Description of the Description of the Description of the Description of the
Material: med. silicone + ABS Silicone + Metal/Plastic Elastomer + ABS TPR Real Feel Super Skin
Size: medium large-scale medium petite medium
Emotionally real:
Volume: quiet loud
easy cleaning:
Quality: very good satisfactorily well well well
Overall score: well satisfactorily well satisfactorily well
shop link

Price subject to change.

Cobra Libre 2 (Acorn Vibrator)

fun Factory Mastubator Cobra Libre 2

Fun Factory Mastubator Cobra Libre 2

The Cobra Libre 2 from the German company ‘Fun Factory’ is not unintentionally in first place.. He didn’t convince me right away, but needed 3 attempts for it, but as they say so nicely: What lasts a long time, will finally be good.

This sextoy in racing car design is a pure glans vibrator, which is fired by 2 separately controllable and quiet motors. A total of 11 vibration intensities and rhythms are waiting for you. The not quite inexpensive device, whose cover is made of silicone, can be operated with one hand and charged with a USB cable, e.g. directly on the laptop..

The cleaning of the waterproof Toys is a piece of cake. Other mastubators could cut off a real slice of it..

An absolute buy recommendation from us!

Autoblow 2 (sex simulator)

mastubator Autoblow 2

Sex Simulator Autoblow 2

The sex simulator Autoblow 2 was financed by crowdfunding and is supposed to simulate a real blowjob.. Unfortunately, no mastubator known to me has really done that yet.

Inside there is a sleeve, surrounded by 2 bead rings, which are driven by a strong industrial motor via an included 230V power supply unit. Its speed can be infinitely varied..

So far so good. But this Feeling is more mechanical and doesn’t come very close to the “real” one. It also makes a lot of noise and is not adjustable in size and doesn’t take the male anatomy into account. Only the sleeves are available in 3 different sizes (widths); the length is always identical..

The expensive device is suitable for lazy masturbation fans who do not want to lift a finger..

Since it is also quite expensive, I would consider a purchase carefully…

update: There is now a successor, the Autoblow 2+. A few minor teething troubles have been fixed here, but the core is still the same device..

Tenga Flip Hole

Mastubator: Tenga Flip HoleTenga Flip Hole

Tenga Flip Hole

The Flip Hole is in my eyes for relatively little technology a quite expensive mastubator. But: The functionality of the device is progressive and trend-setting..

Even if it may seem at first, this toy is NOT powered by electricity. The 3 “buttons” on the outside of the device help you to adjust it according to your wishes.. You can reduce the input, create a vacuum or increase the internal pressure.. All characteristics I would like to see in (piston-)masturbators like the Autoblow.

The Toy can be opened very fast and simply and is cleaned afterwards in the twinkling of an eye with a little running water.. The inside of the device is made of soft & cuddly elastomer. The mastubator is about 19 cm long..

It is available in 4 different versions (depending on the colour). Which version is your favourite??

P.S.: While we’re at Tenga… in their 2017 handball report they give amazing insights into the male masturbation behavior..

Big Teaze Toys Spanks

BigTeaze Verspanken - Mastubator

BigTeaze Toys ‘Spank’

Still quite new on the market for masturbators: The Big Teaze Toys chipboard.

With this chic little sextoy you will gain completely new masturbation experiences. Because: With the Spanker you can let off steam hands-free. That’s what makes him so special..

The handling is easy: You open the plastic shell, put a little lubricant on the small cushions, close them again and then guide your best piece between the two cushions..

You control the stimulation strength via your handshake. The Spanker can be used solo as well as together with your partner..

It is available in three different versions: bumpy, smooth, Wavy. These differ only in the shape of the integrated cushions.

For less than 30 Euro you get a versatile mastubator., who does his job quite well.

Fleshlight Christy Mack.

Mastubator: Fleshlight 'Christy Mack'

Fleshlight ‘Christy Mack’

Christy Mack.. <3

Anyone who regularly watches porn should have stumbled across this breathtaking woman. Even though she has made some negative headlines (husband’s fisticuffs, etc.), she is one of my favorite actresses for me..

For all men who think the same and are also fans of the Fleshlight technique, there is exactly this Mastubator.

You can choose between two variantsLotus”, Christy’s vagina, and “Forbidden”, Christy’s back door, where both the entrance and the inner pleasure channel differ in their structure..

As usual from Fleshlight, this part comes in the typical flashlight design. For connoisseurs clearly to identify. For amateurs just not; exactly this is the beauty of it. The sex toy is almost 25 cm long and therefore offers more than enough space for all common penis sizes..

Only the cleaning is a little bit difficult, because the toy has to be disassembled and left open for a few hours to dry, but it should be worth your time; I would definitely take the time for such a toy..

With the investment of approx. 70€ you can make little wrong here however.

Mastubator – bestseller at Amazon

Amazon has a bestseller filter, as some people know.

Therefore we have here for you an overview of the Mastubator bestsellers, which are suggested by Amazon directly. This overview is automatically updated regularly; we have no influence on the content, since it is provided directly by Amazon z.Vfg..

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