Sex toys for men: piston masturbator Hurricane Stroker.

China and technology.

A combination that has been frightening us Europeans for many years. Many innovative products, but also many remakes and fakes come from Hong Kong, THE Chinese metropolis with more than 7 million inhabitants..

So is the colleague I have here in front of me: The Hurricane Stroker the company Uuto. A sex toy for men.

Sextoys for men are becoming more and more trendy. There are more and more masturbators, prostate vibrators, etc. A movement that I very much welcome.

This should provide for a sex simulation as realistic as possible. Let’s have a look at this together today.

Are you bored of the same masturbation over and over again and again with your right hand? No variety? No tension? No challenge? No challenge??

Well… this job could be taken over by this machine for you in the future. You don’t have to lift a finger and can decide on speed and type of stimulation yourself. It is already the fourth masturbator that I present on this blog. That’s why I already have very good comparison possibilities.

So, lean back, read the following article, take a look at our pictures & our video and make yourself a picture of it.

Sex Toys For Men: My Rating

Sex Toys For Men: Overview.

name Hurricane Stroker
overall mark satisfactorily
manner piston masturbator
price 148€ (may change)
current Amazon price
Amazon Rating
for beginners
material TPE + plastic
one-handed operation
little/no smell
Size large-scale
overall length 33 cm
inside length 14,5 cm
diameter inside 2 cm, outside 12 cm.
Number of programs 32 (8 modes x 4 speed levels)
volume loud
integrated battery
term no limitation
charging time none, because power supply
easy cleaning
colour blue & black
quality satisfactorily

Klobiges & expensive sextoy for the man, with stable and stretchy inner life (+Ersatz-Insert).

The Hurricane Stroker is a piston masturbator with a weight of more than 1 kilo and a length of more than 30 cm. The inner channel is almost exactly 14.5 cm long, so that any “normal-sized” penis can fit in it. The inner diameter (unstretched) is about 2 cm, which makes for a very narrow feeling when using it. Whether the Chinese has oriented his measurements to the average penis size of his country?! ��

sex spielzeug für Männer - Verpackung oben

The packaging of the masturbator from above.

The interior, i.e. the canal, is very flexible and hard-wearing. It consists of TPE, a silicone-like material that is harmless to health. The insert can and should definitely be removed for cleaning. Unfortunately, this process is somewhat difficult at the beginning and we will talk about this in detail later..

sex spielzeug für Männer - die innenliegenden Kisten

Three inconspicuous white boxes await you.

The device comes in a large black box containing 3 more small white boxes with all accessories; well protected & packed. Luckily, another spare insert is included so that you can continue immediately in case of a defect or while the original is drying. ��

sex spielzeug für Männer - das Insert

This is how the insert, the channel, of the Hurricane Stroker looks like.

This almost 150€ expensive device is a sex toy for men. The R-1 A10 Piston served as a development template for the Hurricane Stroker, which currently costs about 200€. The Piston has a total of 50 operating modes, the Stroker “only” over 32 (8 modes á 4 speed settings)..

Operate with one hand (if you can) and store safely in included bag.

sex spielzeug für Männer - Verpackung Seite

Packaging from the side.

The mastubator is in high-gloss black and comes with a lid that protects the inside from dust, etc. Why it is shown in blue on the packaging remains a mystery to me. But I can see on the manufacturer’s website that the sex toy for him is also available in blue … maybe the wrong product landed in the package … by the way, note the great pictures on the site. ��

As is the case with the high-gloss look, fingerprints can also be quickly seen here. And DIE are also difficult to avoid in such an area of application… ��

In addition, the device comes with a black storage bag; I always like that very much. On the underside there are hollows which should allow you a one-handed operation. So well… for my part I prefer to hold the masturbator in both hands, because it has a not to be despised “recoil” in the active state and the part otherwise slips out of my hand.

sex spielzeug für Männer - mitgelieferte Schutzhülle

A protective cover is included in the delivery.

Illuminated LED display can be operated intuitively. Program variety can be found in the instructions..

sex spielzeug für Männer - im Betrieb

This is what the LED display looks like during operation.

This toy has an illuminated LED panel on which you can see exactly which mode and which speed level you are using. You press Arrow left or Arrow right, to switch on the device and R, to switch off the device. With Arrow up and Arrow down then select one of the 4 speeds and with left and right then one of the 8 movement modes (see picture on packaging page). The movement modes are printed quite exactly in the enclosed manual. I have photographed them for you here.

sex spielzeug für Männer - verschiedene Programme

In the manual you will find the different programs.

I first had to think about it a little bit, but as soon as I took a look at the (unfortunately English) manual, the principle of operation was clear to me.

The speed modes are displayed with a kind of bar chart, as you know it from the volume setting on the music player, for example. The active program is shown with a number from 1-8. You can also see on the display exactly how often and in which direction the piston is currently moving. That’s a nice solution. Of course you can take a closer look at the whole thing in our video. Sorry for the quality; it was already dark.

Sex toys for him: Required EU adapter for mains plug included. Battery operation not possible..

sex spielzeug für Männer - das Netzteil

A power supply unit incl. adapter is of course included..

On the underside of the masturbator is the connection for the supplied mains plug. This has a cable length of approx. 1.50m, is not an EU standard, but comes with an adapter to operate the device on our German 240V network. You can’t get around the mains plug, because batteries are not included..

There is one disadvantage: When I unplug the mains plug, the adapter always stays in the socket and has to be removed with my fingers. That’s a bit annoying.

masturbator Hurricane Stroker zerlegtHere you can see the Hurricane Stroker disassembled into almost all its parts. In reality there is a little bit more. E.g. Part D (Inner Cup): Here you should remove the insert COMPLETELY to clean it thoroughly. On the back there is another small lid which has to be removed. There the channel is then “hooked in” and has to be loosened from the eyelets to remove it..

It took a while until I got it all out; of course I’m there without instructions… mindless, as I sometimes am. Now that I’ve completely cleaned it for the third or fourth time, almost every movement is in place. But perhaps the Chinese could have been more intuitive ETWAS…

Unfortunately, the illustrated manual is only of limited help, especially if you are not 100% proficient in the English language..

sex spielzeug für Männer - Toy zerlegen.

The manual describes exactly how to disassemble the masturbator..

Despite foreign production good processing. Intensive stimulation, through narrow channel.

As you can see on the picture here (from above), the channel is very narrow, which leads to an intensive stimulation. Without lubricant nothing works, of course. Please only use water-based lubricant to avoid damaging the insert in the long run, because such materials usually react allergically to liquids containing oil and grease..

sex spielzeug für Männer - die Öffnung

Here comes your best piece in. ��

Processing andAlthough (or just because?!) it’s a chinese product, I can’t complain about the quality of the workmanship. Of course it would look different, if it was MADE IN GERMANY, BUT then you’d probably also easily triple the price for it. However, the Hurricane Stroker will never win a design award; I’m sure of that. I like the A10 Piston I just mentioned a bit better..

Oh, yeah. odorNothing that smells unpleasant, not even the insert. I think it’s great. It’s not always self-evident..

Practical use: Sex toys for men – Let the games begin and start the jet engine!

Okay, what does the practical application say? Nuja… difficult topic. Generally I’m always sceptical about such devices and the sex simulator Autoblow is one of them. It may be an advanced technology with which a realistic simulation is possible. BUT I simply don’t get warm with the feeling of such a box over my piephahn. breeze, which the Motor generated, does not make the thing better unfortunately also. The Amazon evaluations both for the Hurricane Stroker, as well as for the autoblow and the above. A-10 piston unfortunately speak a rather clear language in some cases.

But let’s go into the details: Why do I actually use such a sex toy for men? Whether masturbator, sex simulator, blowjob machine, fleshlight or other..

Well, very simple: Always the same up and down with the hand is really boring in the long run. Especially for long-term singles this kind of masturbation is unsatisfactory sometime… well… ��

As far as I’m concerned personally, I’m a bit more female. The type of machine and how it works have a big influence on whether I like a toy or not. And when I have a 30 cm ball man between my legs, who can also be heard in the company in the room next door, I just have a hard time getting into the mood. Mimimi. ��

What does that look like with you? Please write your opinion in the comments. Would I be interested burningly.

sex spielzeug für Männer - alle Teile

The complete package contents at a glance.

Don’t get me wrong. It has nothing to do with the actual stimulation by the toy itself. It’s also quite good with the Hurricane Stroker, because the built-in motor has enough power, but rather with the whole around… the aesthetics… the setting… I hardly have eroticism. Even less than if I would use my right hand… which I also do… constantly. ��

If I compare it with the Cobra Libre 2, for example, the difference is quite big: We have a small, light, modern and also colorful playfellow, who can do without much mechanical work and can therefore be operated with little effort and one-handed under the blanket. Of course it is a pure acorn vibrator, BUT it has always led me to the goal “on time”: The orgasm.

cobra Libre im Masturbator Test

As a pure “milking machine”, to call it that, the Hurricane does its job excellently. Despite my circumcision and lack of sensitivity, I am immediately in the first application with program 1 and speed 3 in less than one minute to orgasm come.

My problem also seems to be that all sexual activity is going on inside my head. And not just on my best piece. I lack the feminine scent…the tender skin…the shine of her sweat, her lips, her hair and last but not least of course her M****. The feeling of penetrating it will never be replaced by any toy in the world..

But I digress… after all, we’re in the middle of a sextoy test here, aren’t we??

Okay, how did the practice assignments concretely proceed??

Well, I did the last two sessions on the couch in front of the TV. It’s still the most comfortable place. So, get out of your clothes, midm naked butt on the leather couch, put some lubricant on my part and IN the insert of the hurricane stroker. Then put it on, insert it, switch it on.

On my giant Flat-TV a Hardcore-Porno is running, in which you can get a young, white thing from 2 black, full-grown basketball players.

Yes I like… psschd now. ��

Program 1, Speed 1The masturbator moves continuously and quite slowly back and forth. Not so my case… a little boring.

Program 2 and 3Here the piston moves back for 2 sec. and then back for 2 sec. before or 1 sec. before and then back for 3 sec. So not the movement itself lasts 3 sec., but the piston always pushes in the same direction for 3 sec., i.e. to DIR. I like the two programs already rather.

Program 4 is completely different again: The piston moves forward for 7 seconds at single speed and backwards for 5 seconds at high speed. Has something to offer, too..

sex spielzeug für Männer - das LED Panel

The LED_Panel looks like this.

But in the end, I stayed with Program 7, where a short STOP is always inserted between the forward and backward movement. This builds up a little tension and delays my orgasm. Could you get used to it?.

Generally I have to say that the channel is so narrow and the engine so powerful that the climax is not long in coming. So the Toy does pretty much what it is supposed to do..

Nevertheless, we won’t become any big friends, as I’ll probably never get used to the mechanical stimulation. I’ll probably skip the engine in the future, if at all, and hammer it in manually as I feel like it. That’s what I’m going to do with the Autoblow 2..

Because the effort to use the Hurricane Stroker is usually too big for me. Especially the following cleaning procedure (incl. removal of the individual parts) is quite complex, but with some practice it can be done quickly. By the way, always make sure that NO water gets into the technical innards, such as the engine. That’s niiiie so good.

Here I have recorded a video for you, where you can see which steps are necessary to disassemble the machine..

So… as I said, I lack the WOW effect. But I am also really demanding and not so easy to impress..

What always interests me most about foreign products is the long-term properties. I am curious how long the motor or sextoy will last without any problems. I could imagine that this could be a bit difficult with repairs, warranty claims, etc..

I’ll keep you in the loop on this..

Do you have further questions? e.g. about the operation or also to the somewhat cumbersome disassembly of the Toys? Then only here with it. I will then reach you something under the arms.

Conclusion ‘Hurricane Stroker’ – innovative, powerful & versatile, but expensive & loud.

masturbator Hurricane Stroker SeiteNow there it is, the good piece and looks at me a little sadly from below. I wish I had more positive words left, but unfortunately I’m not really convinced by the Hurricane Stroker.

No question, He’s doing what he’s supposed to.It kneads your best piece as long and intensively as you want, or as long as you can. It doesn’t fail because of the variety of programs or the number of speed levels..

BUTOn the one hand it is easy for me with approx. 150€. too expensive, too clunky and in Use too loud and on the other hand the effort, which I have to do for the cleaning, is too high for me. Then there is also no more help the stylish LED display with its innovative operation and also not the supplied bag, or the supplied Replacement Insert.

If you value optics, aesthetic and discretion and you don’t necessarily need a piston device, I recommend a smaller, more inconspicuous masturbator, such as the Cobra Libre 2. Or just drop by here: Which masturbators are there??

But if you find the ‘charm’ of this part appealing and prefer this kind of stimulation, you can take the Hurricane Stroker into your short list. processing quality is OK, dependability and price, all of this in this segment is not very much to be expected..

margin infoMy female joy could not get much from the part optically, as well as functionally… I have rarely seen her rolling her eyes like that… ��

For my part I stay with my right hand for the time being and wait for the ultimate masturbator invention. There are certainly enough other sex toys for men that meet my requirements..

I hope I could help you with my article and say: See you next time. ��

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